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Administrative Requirements - Labor Peace Agreement (LPA)

Labor Peace Agreement (LPA) – contract language only, no forms required for submission

LPA applies to Concession projects only.


As per BOAC Resolution 23437 from October 15, 2007, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) requires that prior to the contract execution and/or contract amendment:

(i) Concessionaire shall have a signed Labor Peace Agreement (LPA) with the labor organizations representing or seeking to represent concession workers at the premises covered by the Agreement;

(ii) Concessionaire shall have submitted to LAWA a copy of such LPA, executed by all of the parties; and

(iii) Such LPA shall prohibit such labor organizations and their members from engaging in picketing, work stoppages, boycotts or other economic interference with the business of Concessionaire at any of the airports operated by LAWA for the duration of the Agreement.


For additional information on Labor Peace Agreement compliance at LAWA, please contact: City Attorney’s Office, 1 World Way, Administrative East Building, 1st Floor, Phone: (424) 646-5010.

For general information on administrative requirements compliance at LAWA, please contact Los Angeles World Airports, Procurement Services Division (former Contract Services Division), P.O. Box 92216, Los Angeles, CA 90009-2216; phone: (424) 646-5380, fax: (424) 646-9262, e-mail:

For information on business opportunities at LAWA, access the Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network. We look forward to doing business with you!  

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